Impact Modular

We bring project certainty, higher quality, lower cost and faster delivery through our supply chain logistics, digital design, parametric modelling and factory precision engineering.

What if the future of housing was...

Better. Greener. Faster. Smarter. Safer. Economical / AFFORDABLE.

Accelerating housing programmes by supplying high quality modular homes is how Impact Modular helps address the UK’s Housing Crisis.

Offsite production methods take the pressure off traditional builders to fulfil the ever increasing UK housing demands, whilst offering significant benefits over traditional construction.

What if the future of housing was Modular?

Impact Modular is a dynamic and ambitious offsite construction company offering turnkey solutions by using modern methods of construction (MMC). Our in-house vertically integrated end to end platform enables us to plan, design, and deliver new modular-built sustainable homes and communities. Here is how we do it:


Impact by Design

Impact Modular has developed a series of blueprints for modular homes. The Impact Modular Design Book has been developed to offer standard housing and apartment ranges for developers, local authorities and social housing.

The new versatile formula enables our clients to design homes by using and setting resilient, proven standards.

Impact factory

All manufacturing is undertaken in-house at our facility in Peterborough, which comprises of a 110,000 ft2 covered assembly area and an additional 70,000 ft2 uncovered area, where our residential homes are precision engineered in a quality controlled and safe environment, conforming to ISO9001 standards.



Impact Workforce

We embrace a heritage of craftsmanship and customer excellence with a drive for quality and innovation through new technology and human endeavour.

We have a dedicated, directly employed workforce of experienced operatives, supported by subcontractors and agency staff, to manage fluctuations in workload. Our in-house design team and consultant partners can assist in feasibility studies to assess and overlook the viability of our clients schemes.

Impact Delivery

The facility is highly flexible and easily configurable to manufacture a range of modular systems, in line with current orders.

Our manufacturing processes embrace lean principles, with production lines set up on a one-way system for materials arriving and completed buildings leaving for delivery, allowing for continuous lorry loads.



Impact Projects

Impact Modular has delivered a multitude of projects for Impact Capital Group, external developers, housing associations, local authorities and social housing- under frameworks.

For project details and examples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Accreditations

At Impact Modular, we monitor and develop our systems and procedures through external bodies and accreditations, giving our clients extra reassurance in our safe and high quality housing delivery.

Impact Frameworks

Impact Modular are proud to be part of multiple industry-changing frameworks, designed to address the UK's housing crisis in a fast, sustainable, safe and affordable manner.

What impact will you make?

To find out more about IMPACT MODULAR, what we do and how we do it, please reach out to us on [email protected]