Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

May 20, 2022

They say that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure…and we couldn’t agree more!  

There’s a new eco trend that’s rapidly growing in popularity – upcycling. The concept of repurposing old materials in a creative way emerged from the growing concern about overconsumption and waste. However, we don’t seem to be upcycling near as much as we could.  

The construction industry accounts for more than a third of global waste hitting landfills. As reported by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), in 2016 the UK generated 222.9 million tonnes of waste, of which 136 million tonnes was Construction and Demolition debris. 

So how can we make a positive change and help reduce landfill? 

We already know that modular construction can reduce waste on site by a massive 90%, keeping it out of landfills. But we can do more! 

At Impact Modular we want to put every unwanted or retired piece to good use. That’s why we donated some of our leftover materials to Up The Garden Bath, an eco-charity based in Peterborough. 

Up The Garden Bath is an award-winning charity committed to supporting local community initiatives and driving environmental improvement through their unique recycling projects. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the environment by repurposing redundant items.   

The charity works in close partnership with other businesses to reduce waste in the most creative of ways.   

Old bathtubs, gutters and other unwanted materials, that would usually end up in landfill, are upcycled into creative, ready-made garden planters and accessories. The finished pieces, sponsored by local organisations, are installed at schools, community centres, and residential care homes. 

Here is one of their amazing bathtub planters built using the materials we donated, which found its new home at a local special needs school. 

Created by the community, for the community, the planters are not only used to educate about the importance of recycling, sustainability, and wildlife preservation but also to promote the idea of self-sufficient, healthy living (so important for our mental and physical wellbeing).  

But it’s not just about inspiring an eco-friendlier way of life. Up The Garden Bath works alongside local youth organisations to create hands-on learning opportunities for many individuals, otherwise struggling with mainstream employment, by getting them involved in the building process.  

Dave Poulton, Founder at Up The Garden Bath, said: 
“We work with local communities to transform run down areas that are often blighted by fly-tipping. We aim to bring communities together with a shared project that enhances their local area. Our mission is to reduce landfill whilst promoting recycling, sustainability, and healthy living through gardening.”  

The UK is making steady progress on how it manages and reduces waste, but we are not there yet. Although it will take some time before we can openly say that our recycling targets have been met, we can still make a real difference if we work together. That’s why we will continue to support Up The Garden Bath on their inspirational journey to making a positive impact on the world.  



You can read more about Up The Garden Bath and their amazing projects here

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