CHIC- the new housing formula for building sustainable homes of the future

CHIC- the new housing formula for building sustainable homes of the future

As our focus is drawn to the hot topic of preventing another Covid-19 wave, we must not forget that the UK’s’ housing crisis is still very much alive.

The Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) is a strategic consortium of 100+ Housing Associations and Local Authorities. CHIC has improved their formula for building sustainable homes of the future. A £2bn long term contract to effectively manage their collective 700,000 homes across the Midlands, South and South Wales, using modern methods of construction (MMC).

The contract was created with the intention to deliver works that hold social, environmental and long-term financial value, delivering high quality and safe new homes to address the needs of our nation more effectively than ever before.

One of only three successful bidders to be appointed, Impact Modular has been awarded a contract to manufacture high quality modular houses, flats and bungalows worth over £300m in estimated contract value.

Traditional construction practices have been in desperate need for modernisation for quite some time, with little change over the past 30-40 years. Such methods have proven slow to deliver, harmful to the environment, too focused on the short-term financial value and cost inefficient in the long run.

Housing Associations and Local Authorities have heavily relied on such methods under the pressures to address growing housing shortages.

Today, the sector is faced with an opportunity to change their approach, by addressing, rather than contributing to the great emergencies of our time.

The CHIC contract is setting an example to other key organisations, to embrace positive change and build a more sustainable future for social housing.

Impact Modular are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a growing change, working with like-minded organisations such as CHIC in making a positive impact on the future of UK’s housing.

CHIC welcomes other local authorities and housing associations to join the sustainable housing revolution and take advantage of their pre-vetted and certified suppliers.

If you’d like to find out more about the contract or to enquire about Modular housing, please contact us on 01733 788711 or email