Every day is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day

In recent years, the importance of sustainability and addressing environmental urgencies have become a worldwide priority. With global warming reaching a critical point of no return, it is imperative that meaningful actions are taken urgently.  

The Earth Day movement has been encouraging and advocating such efforts since the 1970’s. With 1 billion dedicated individuals and over 190 supporting countries, it aspires to a greener future by empowering communities through environmental awareness and education.

According to the Earth Day Network, deforestation is one of the greatest contributors to excess CO2 emissions. It is reported that an area of tropical rainforest equal to one football field is lost every 6 seconds. More so, as reported by Global ABC, the construction industry accounts for a further 40% of greenhouse gases and an incredible 36% of worldwide energy usage.

Such critical facts call not only for global intervention, but also a change in collective mindsets, putting the future of our planet at the forefront of daily living.

At Impact Capital Group, we recognise that climate change is one of the greatest emergencies of our time. Under the Impact umbrella sit several subsidiaries, each interwoven with a golden thread of sustainability. Through what we do, we want to change the way we design, build, inhabit and manage our built environment, to build a greener future.  

At Impact Lending, we encourage developers to build sustainably by providing our Green Loans range. At Impact Working, we have designed our flexible office spaces using environmentally conscious interiors and applied eco-friendly functionality, so that our occupiers can adopt our values as their own. At Impact Smart Homes, we develop smart home systems which allow residents to better control their energy consumption levels allowing our homes to function more sustainably. At Impact Developments, we plan and design new smart habitats for communities to thrive in-in an eco-friendly manner. At Impact Modular, we champion offsite construction methods – delivering durable, modern and energy efficient housing whilst significantly reducing waste and neutralizing our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to help the nation meet its carbon net zero targets is an everyday operation, we strive to make everyday earth day. We also recognise there is still a long way to go. This green movement needs to be a coalition between policymakers, the private and public sectors. That is why we choose to work with like-minded organisations to continuously develop our systems to help build a greener future. After all, it is our home, our planet, our future.