Impact Capital Group appoint new Director of Brand and Marketing

Impact Capital Group appoint new Director of Brand and Marketing

Impact Capital Group have appointed Klaudia Bacinska as Director of Brand and Marketing to develop and lead their brand, as the company continues to make a positive impact within the real estate market.  

Klaudia comes to Impact Capital with over a decade of experience in strategically designing, creating and developing brands within the real estate and corporate sector. She has a proven track record of building and delivering a vast variety of brands from conception to high impact completion. This includes: 

-       Strategic design of brand identities, brand assets and marketing collateral 

-       Strategic building of brand personalities and messaging 

-       Establishing brand authenticity through innovative strategies that include online and offline activities such as PR, social media, digital and print advertising 


She will be responsible for the design, development and execution of innovative brand strategies that drive awareness and growth, creating both digital and integrated blueprints that establish the groups brand, and most importantly, highlight its' values as a game-changing organisation. 

Klaudia Bacinska said: 

“ What excites me most about this role is that the Impact Capital Group business model is inspired by the great emergencies of our time- climate change, social cohesion as well as safety and wellbeing. The conversation around these issues is no longer one the real estate industry can ignore. 

Amidst a backdrop of the pandemic as well as an increasingly aware audience of consumers, the pressure is on for brands to prove they’re actually doing something to address the world’s problems – and that’s in their supply chains, as well as in their creative work. 

An effective brand is one which leaves a lasting positive impression, and this can only be achieved if it is an activist of its values, only then can it be truly authentic. 

As a brand, we intend to engage, respond and commit to our cause. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of translating our core values through creative and strategic means that both inspire and make a positive impression on the industry, and the world.” 


Robert Whitton, Founder and Chairman of Impact Capital Group, said:  

“ As a group of unique companies that collectively provide an end-to-end real estate life-cycle model, our purpose is to be part of a forward-thinking solution. It’s time for change.  

Contrary to stereotypical perceptions, we are property developers aiming for positive change that responds to the wellbeing and needs of communities as well as the environment. As house builders, we craft high quality modular homes that will sustainably and safely accommodate future generations to come.  

We are focused on creating a positive impact on the society and the environment through what we do. This is about commitment, sensitivity and understanding, as well as the use of more sustainable ingredients, less waste and a genuine conscious awareness of the environments in which we operate.  

We are really excited to have Klaudia on board. Her broad experience in using creative brand development and marketing tactics to cement brand authenticity make her the ideal choice to lead the Impact Capital Group brand into the future.” 

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