Impact Capital Group appoints new Chief People Officer, Sarah Stennett

Impact Capital Group appoints new Chief People Officer, Sarah Stennett

At Impact Capital Group, our purpose is to be part of a forward-thinking global solution, which tackles the great emergencies of our time- climate change, social cohesion, safety & wellbeing. We champion diversity, advocate for equality and promote the safety and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate, including our employees.

The group have appointed a new Chief People Officer, Sarah Stennett, who has headed HR for Impact Modular for over 3 years. She will be joining the wider group to oversee all People led activities, building on our collaborative approach. This transition of roles will support Impact Capital Group to grow as an organisation and instil our core values. 

Sarah has begun curating an Internal People Strategy. The plan will entail a roadmap which is clearly aligned to the business-wide goals, and promotes diversity, inclusion, and the wellbeing of the team. The plan will strive to embrace an open and happy environment for employees to thrive in both professionally and personally, building upon the positive culture across the Group. 

Sarah will also be facilitating continued local working partnerships between Impact Capital Group and a number of not-for-profit organisations, to further develop the Group’s commitment to championing social inclusion.

One of the consequences brought on by the pandemic is an increase in mental health issues across the world, a subject often stigmatised or overlooked by corporate organisations. Impact Capital Group appreciate the difficulties this pandemic may have imposed on some individuals. As part of our internal wellbeing initiative, the group will look to Sarah, who is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider, to encourage employees to normalise conversations about mental health and signpost relevant support without judgement. 

Sarah has extensive experience across the HR spectrum, having introduced a raft of initiatives to support a positive employee experience, where everyone is supported to be their true self at work and become happier, more motivated and productive. This includes policy, employment law and HR operations both in SMEs and large Companies including Britvic Soft Drinks, Carphone Warehouse and Dixons/PC World.

Sarah Stennett, Chief People Officer said:

I’m incredibly excited to have been appointed as the Chief People Officer in an organisation whose ethical values align perfectly with mine. I’m looking forward to enabling our people to make a positive and sustainable contribution to the built environment. Our People Strategy will underpin our goal of sustaining a strong and healthy company culture where employees can thrive and be true advocates for innovation and exploration in this rapidly evolving sector. It’s  truly refreshing to see that as a company, our values speak for themselves and that we value mental health on the same level as physical health.  

Robert Whitton Founder and CEO of Impact Capital Group said:

“We are excited about this new role transition. As Chief People Officer, Sarah’s role will help connect our company subsidiaries into a single team entity, building on what we intend to be a unique, ethically driven company culture. 

What makes a successful business is largely driven by its people. We want to ensure that the positive impact we make doesn’t just apply to the projects we deliver but that it equally translates through our internal operations. Sarah is the perfect candidate to help us achieve a supportive and inclusive company environment, a culture which promotes everything that we stand for. A warm welcome to Sarah on behalf of the group.

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