Impact Capital Group joins the Terra Carta Initiative

Impact Capital Group joins the Terra Carta Initiative

Robert Whitton, CEO and Founder of Impact Capital Group is proud to announce; “that Impact have joined the Terra Carta initiative, as sustainability is the thread that ties our end to end integrated platform together.”  

The private and public sectors play a vital role in building a ‘greener tomorrow’. With the increasing threat of global warming, the implementation of sustainable practices within the business realm couldn’t be of greater importance.  Joint efforts need to be made to regain a healthy balance between the natural and the built environments.   

‘Terra Carta’, The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative, sets out a roadmap to a global recovery plan for Nature, People and the Planet. The document was inspired by the ordinance of Magna Carta, a revolutionary royal charter from 1215, which guaranteed political liberties in England.   

By harnessing the power of Nature and resources of the private sector, the framework encourages sustainable economic prosperity. Members of the Earth Charter voluntarily commit to preserving biodiversity and to collectively reducing carbon emissions by 2050.  

As an active affiliate, Impact Capital Group advocates for greener and more harmonious habitats. ESG values including sustainability and social cohesion are the driving force behind the Company and all its subsidiary arms. 

Impact Lending intends to inspire and encourage sustainable property development by providing tailored “green” lending solutions for forward-thinking developers.   

Impact Modular, uses the latest advancements in the offsite construction industry to help build greener, affordable homes, whilst reducing carbon emissions, construction waste and energy consumption. 

Impact Working offers flexible workspaces, which foster social cohesion, business affluence and mental wellbeing.    

Robert Whitton concluded; “‘Terra Carta’ outlines the rights of Nature, People and the Planet which form the very foundations of Impact. Through our active participation and support of the Earth Charter, we intend to contribute to sustainable prosperity of the private and the public sector.”