Impact Capital Group raises £5k for Shelter Housing 

Impact Capital Group raises £5k for Shelter Housing 

Impact Capital Group and its' subsidiaries have raised £5,000 for Shelter Housing as part of their “Step up to 2021” Challenge.  

Shelter support millions of people each year and campaign to tackle the root causes of Britain’s Housing Crisis with the aim of providing long term solutions. The Charity is working towards a housing system that is fair and affordable. 

Latest reports from the organisation have outlined that between July 2019 and June 2020, 25,780 households became homeless in London, that’s one household every 20 minutes. Across England that figure rose to 144,900 households, that’s one household every 4 minutes. 

The lack of Social Homes in the UK is at the heart of the current Housing Crisis, further effected by the global pandemic. Impact Capital Groups’ company culture is driven by addressing some of the great emergencies of our time, the Housing Crisis is one of their key targets. 

Step up to 2021 was designed to raise money for the charity and to heighten awareness of the Housing Crisis. The challenge entailed raising donations to a set target of £1,500 by dedicating participants daily exercise, to collectively run or walk 200km over the course of February. 

Over 20 members of Impact Capital Group staff signed up to participate from the onset. The initial target for donations and distance was surpassed within the first week of the challenge, raising £5,000 by the end of the month. The team had collectively run 1,563km, a distance that is equivalent of running from the northern tip of Scotland to the southern coast of England and back up to Peterborough. 

The sum will enable Shelter to provide the much-needed support for the most vulnerable in our society.  

  • With £2,000 Shelter can give 200 people vital housing advice through their web chat channel 
  • With £1,000 Shelter can give legal advice to 4 families who are in danger of losing their home 
  • With £600 Shelter can answer 60 urgent calls through their helpline 
  • With £375 Shelter can give casework support to 15 people who need housing advice 

The organisation exists through the support of public and private donations. To support their cause, Shelter has a presence on JustGiving where donations can now be made directly to the charity. To donate, click here.