Impact Capital Group set out on a challenge to raise money for Shelter Housing

Impact Capital Group set out on a challenge to raise money for Shelter Housing

Impact Capital Group, Impact Modular and Impact Working are setting out on a challenge, Step up to 2021, to collectively raise money for Shelter, a charity dedicated to helping those threatened by or already living in homelessness.

The lack of Social Homes in the UK is at the heart of the current Housing Crisis. Impact Capital Group is driven by addressing some of the great emergencies of our time. Addressing the Housing Crisis is one of our key aspirations, our ambition is to make a positive impact on our future.  

Shelter advocate that a safe home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right, as vital as education or healthcare. In December 2019, the organisation reported that an estimated 280,000 people were homeless in England alone. Since April last year, during the offset of the pandemic, at least 90,063 people in the UK have been threatened with homelessness – and more than half of these have already lost their accommodation.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support, and legal services. The organisation exists through the support of public and private donations.

Step up to 2021 is designed to raise money for Shelter as well as to help raise awareness of the Housing Crisis. Over 20 members of Impact Capital Group staff have already signed up to participating in the Step up to 2021 Challenge, forming the impact athlete team.  

Commencing on the 1st and ending on the 28th February, each impact athlete must raise funds to help achieve the group target, a minimum of £1500. During this time, we will be dedicating our daily exercise to reach a collective 200km in distance by running or walking, which will be recorded through the STRAVA app in real time.  

The group’s progress will be shared across our social media channels. Participants are also encouraged to share their contribution across social media platforms, using the #myimpact hashtag.


If you’d like to find out more about this challenge, please contact us on In the meantime, follow us across our social media channels for regular updates on our collective challenge performance.