Impact Capital Group welcomes new CEO of Impact Working

Impact Capital Group welcomes new CEO of Impact Working

In preparation for the launch of our new subsidiary arm, Impact Working, we welcome Mark Gregson to lead the business as its’ new CEO. Impact Working will be the newest addition to our end-to-end life cycle business model, due to launch in January 2021.

Impact Working will be a flexible office provider to businesses of all sizes, with its pilot scheme launching in Bristol at the start of the new year. The move into the operation of flexible shared workspaces comes after the purchase of the £20m Spectrum office in Bristol in an off-market transaction.

As CEO of Impact Working, Mark will oversee business operations, with responsibility for delivering the company’s vision and strategy. One of his first tasks is to design and bring to life Impact Workings’ pilot scheme in Bristol.

The space is designed to provide occupiers with ultimate flexibility, through unique membership packages. Occupiers will be able to work with pride, knowing that their environment has been ethically designed. Members will be encouraged to work in unity by using space which deliberately enforces social cohesion. All this will be driven by smart technology, where, amongst other features, members will be able to manage their memberships through an app at their own convenience.

Mark joins the business as an industry innovator, with 15 years of commercial experience with Labs, Landmark and IWG. With Gregson on board, the new business plans to provide a platform for growth for all types of business and an environment better suited to the needs of the modern employer and the employee.

Mark Gregson, CEO of Impact Working, said:

“It took a global pandemic for our stars to align, but after 15 years working for IWG, Landmark and Labs, I made the decision to partner with Robert Whitton, of the Impact Group, to launch our own flexible office brand.

With a focus on social cohesion, mental wellbeing and sustainability, the core values of the Impact Group are very close to my own and those values will be instilled into every new building that we launch.

I firmly believe that the quality of experience and versatility of flexible offices are such, that in the not-too-distant future, conventional leases will start to become a thing of the past.”


Robert Whitton, Founder and Chairman of Impact Capital Group, said:

“The pandemic has accelerated the office market into a new era. An era of hybrid working where flexibility, financial transparency and technology take the lead. These are the core pillars which construct the Impact Working brand. Upheld by our core values as a company, our Bristol space will offer an environmentally friendly solution designed with the occupier in mind, boosting social cohesion and creative productivity amongst freelancers and teams alike.

We are really pleased to have Mark Gregson on board. I have known Mark for 15 years and have watched his career develop. He is the ideal person to lead this exciting new venture. I’m confident that Impact Working will be led by an individual who understands the needs of the employer and employee, and therefore can shape our product to address demands of the new way of working. I believe what we are going to launch in January is a sustainable and flexible product the commercial market is craving for.”

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