Impact Who

We are a whole life cycle real estate company with a clear purpose. We want to change the way we design, build and manage where we Work and Live.

Impact Who

In 2020, leading real estate specialist Robert Whitton launched Impact Capital Group. The enterprise is backed by a UK Family Office and Financial Institutions, who have committed £100m worth of equity to support us in our cause.

With our HQ based in the heart of London and our flexible office spaces in Bristol and Reading, we operate all over the UK.

Our determination to make a positive impact on the industry has led to a pipeline of development and works, with an expected GDV in excess of £1billion.

Impact What

Inspired by the need to address the great emergencies of our time, our business model is tailored to make a revolutionary impact on the world.

We champion diversity, advocate for equality and we intend to make our values speak for themselves through what we do.

Collectively, we want to influence and change the way that we design, deliver, occupy and manage our built environment, and each one of our subsidiary arms strives to do just that within their field.

Impact Why

The dramatic intervention of COVID-19 has triggered a long-awaited transformation in the development and construction sectors, providing the opportunity for positive industry disruption.

It’s time for change.

Our purpose is to be a part of a forward thinking global solution, which tackles the great emergencies of our time- climate change, housing and wellness.

The end-to-end life cycle model.

Our business operates like a unified network. Each operating company is uniquely positioned, allowing you to take advantage of our vertically integrated services.