Impact Values

“Our purpose is to be part of a forward-thinking global solution, which tackles the great emergencies of our time - environment, social cohesion, wellness and housing.”

Robert Whitton, Founder and Group CEO

- 60 seconds of impact

Impact Capital Group is driven by a collective mission.

We recognise our responsibilities as place makers, lenders, service providers and employers. The power of positive change lays in our hands, which is why we ensure that our operations are conscious and shaped to address these core issues:

The construction industry accounts for an incredible 36% of worldwide energy usage, and 40% of CO2 emissions. It’s time for us to  protect our Environment.



Our planet. Our home. Our future.

The built environment is one of the biggest polluters in the world, damaging our planet and our children’s future. Urbanisation often leads to loss of habitat for our urban wildlife too.

We are committed to be conscious and address these issues. From building eco-friendly neighbourhoods through to providing businesses with working environments where they can adopt our sustainable practices as their own. Together, IMPACT CAPITAL GROUP are working towards a carbon net zero future.


Social Cohesion

We champion diversity, advocate for equality and promote community inclusion.

From internal recruitment through to the way we design our workspaces, we aspire to create socially inclusive environments. We intend to make our values speak for themselves, through what we do.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental factors in a thriving society. Occupants of more ethnically diverse neighbourhoods and workplaces report much higher levels of Social Cohesion.

94% of residents in buildings with dangerous cladding report feelings of anxiety, one in five suicidal thoughts. Everyone has a right to live in an environment which promotes Wellness.



Everyone has the right to feel safe in any environment.

The Grenfell Tower incident and COVID-19 are just two examples of the importance in practicing and promoting safety and wellbeing for our staff, residents, clients and the greater community.

That is why all of our operations adopt rigorous safety measures and endorse wellbeing at every opportunity.



Homes should not cost the earth.

We are experiencing an acute shortage of housing, particularly social and genuinely affordable homes. This has led to spiralling rents and house prices across the country, and a rapid rise in homelessness. Nobody should live out on the street.

It is our ambition to address the housing crisis across the UK, helping Local Authorities and Social Landlords meet their targets, whilst placemaking high quality, sustainable, safe and inclusive neighbourhoods.

During the pandemic in 2020,  a +33% increase of rough sleepers was recorded in London, compared to the same period in 2019. Homelessness is at the heart of the UK’s Housing Crisis.