Impact Smart Homes

Our vision is to make a positive social, economic and environmental impact through eloquent design and the sustainable delivery of smart homes and smart home neighbourhoods.

The product is your environment.

Customisable, extensible, sustainable, adaptable and digitally connected homes built in the UK. Impact Smart Homes acquire, design and implement visionary homes of the future.



Impact Smart Homes emphasise sustainability in their designs and crucially, for the life of the property. Utilising energy efficient technologies, materials and construction delivery methods means we are constantly monitoring our carbon footprint with the goal of always achieving Net Zero.



We then embed sophisticated wired infrastructure and holistic connected technology to enhance the home experience by enabling remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems. Our Smart Homes may control lighting, temperature, multimedia, security, window and door operations, and can use voice activation and sensor motions.



Home automation technologies provide home owners with ‘intelligent’ feedback and information by monitoring many aspects of a home, providing convenience, energy saving and security. Putting you in control of the costs of running your home.



Our Smart Homes are design and technology led to be beautiful, affordable, sustainable and efficient, but also customisable by you - so you can stamp your own personal touch on your home from our vast menu of upgrade options. Customise your home to your habits, and save money in the process.

Communicate with your neighbours.

It’s Impact Smart Neighbourhoods. We believe not just in home automation but community automation. Where all our homes are connected to a common platform creating an instant network for a connected digital community that can transform the way neighbours socialise and work together to save money and use shared resources more effectively.

Do you have land to sell?

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