Modular journey - the new chapter

March 6, 2023

Modular Methods of Construction (MMC) offer numerous benefits and can be applied in various ways, providing an opportunity to revolutionise the procurement of buildings while addressing the housing and climate crises.  

Inspired by the potential of MMC, our Group has committed to exploring its possibilities through our modular arm, Impact Modular.  

Ever since its launch, Impact Modular has been a vital part of our end-to-end integrated platform. With a 110,000 sq. ft production facility located in Peterborough, the company has been steadfast in its efforts to design and deliver sustainable housing solutions. 

Our modular arm has been appointed under multiple industry-changing frameworks, aimed at addressing the housing crisis in the UK, and collaborated with numerous like-minded organisations to help deliver the sustainable homes of the future. These efforts have been crucial not only to advancing our corporate mission but to driving positive change across the construction sector.

However, fostering innovation can be challenging, especially during times of uncertainty. Following on from the adverse effects of the pandemic, the current economic conditions, shortages in supply chain, rising build costs, significant slowdown in planning approvals, and reducing sales values have led several modular companies to either exit the volumetric arena or scale down their operations. We are no different.

These factors, coupled with the disappointing limited number of modular opportunities within the frameworks, have also altered Impact Modular’s procurement and delivery strategy. 

We have been creating a new design book in collaboration with key industry partners developing a ‘flat pack’ panelised system which no longer requires us to have a large manufacturing facility. Therefore, we are ceasing production at our facility immediately and appointing Administrators to negotiate with the landlord and other minor creditors.

Our construction arm will now focus solely on the design of its panelised products and collaborate with other offsite construction firms to manufacture and deliver green building solutions that drive positive change in the built environment.


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